Thursday, November 15, 2007

What a running will teach you.

In this wild world, you can only count on yourself. This is the important lesson you should learn in your life. Of course, your family and friends will always help you (they are very important), but when you are in the most dangerous situation, you will find that no one but only you can help yourself.

I found that a running teaches me more truth about this. When I am running very hard, my body and my mind resist against my will. My body refuses to take my order and my mind tries to trick me. You will find that although you can only count on yourself, your body and mind are not your reliable allies. This is the other lesson you should learn in your life.

I physically train my body very hardly to understand these truths: You have to fight against the world alone with your body and mind which are not cooperative to you. No matter how miserable it is, it is the life we have to live.

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