Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Android" instead of gPhone

There will be no gPhone but google will just provide the platform for mobile phones. This platform is called Android and is composed by open source materials. Google tries to make the Android a common platform for all mobile phones as Microsoft once monopolize the field of personal computers by providing an essential operating system. Google encourage developers to compose Android native softwares by rewarding 10 million dollars to who invents the best application using Android. I think this strategy is based on their philosophy that "democracy on the web works".

As far as I watch this demo, the Android is not superior to what is achieved by an iPhone at this moment. Therefore, I decided to buy the iPhone. However, I think, the most charming point of the Android is that everybody can develop a software for it. I admire that Google opened a big chance for new challengers to develop new business over the Android. But I think it takes little more time to catch up with what is already done by the iPhone.

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