Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No more car for us.

I do not like cars. I do not like driving a car, neither. Although, I do have a car which I drive everyday (I've never had any car accident, so I am a good driver, though), and I am counting on it so heavily to live in this city.

As all of us know, driving a car consumes a lot of oil, which will eventually damage our environment. Amount of oil exist is limited, and I do not know it is fair that one or two generations consume all the oil on this planet. However, in the States, it is almost impossible to live without cars. I getting tired of this situation.

In Tokyo or New York city, you don't need a car to live at all. I like those environments. At least, we should develop a better public transportation system in big cities. Indeed, we should reform our road to bicycle friendly way (It is too dangerous yet to bike in the states).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Tips for Honolulu marathon runners

This year, Honolulu marathon stated in a tropical storm. Heavy rain continued for 2 hours after the start time, and after sunrise, it became really hot and humid. Here are 3 tips I learned: What I should have done to prepare better for the Honolulu marathon.

1) Wear a disposable poncho when it rains.
When your body is completely wet while waiting for start, it will reduce your running ability. Try not to be completely wet if it is raining before start.

2) Bring an extra pair of running socks.
When you start running in the tropical storm, your shoes and socks will be mess. Carry on an extra pair of running socks with you. Look at my shoe after the run. So messy.

3) Carry on something to eat.
There will be bunch of water stations waiting for you. You don't have to worry about water. However, there is no place you can get something to eat. It is a long run, it is wise to carry on something to eat.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I need to revenge.

My right arm became numb after 20 miles. Then the left arm followed the same fate. It was very weird feeling that keep running without any feeling of the arms. Next target to become numb was the neck. Soon after, I lost control of my eye balls. My eye balls turned up against my will, so that I was not able see front. I could not see the road to run.

That was what happened to me after 20 miles during my first marathon. I did finished 26.1 miles (by walking after 20 miles), although all I got is the feeling that I need to revenge this. I need to fight back against this resentment. I need to repeat this, and next time I must do it better. That was all I was thinking when I was hardly walking after 20 miles (I could not even walk....).

I decide to run a full marathon again in coming July in San Francisco. Next time, I will really finish my first marathon.