Saturday, December 20, 2008

I need to revenge.

My right arm became numb after 20 miles. Then the left arm followed the same fate. It was very weird feeling that keep running without any feeling of the arms. Next target to become numb was the neck. Soon after, I lost control of my eye balls. My eye balls turned up against my will, so that I was not able see front. I could not see the road to run.

That was what happened to me after 20 miles during my first marathon. I did finished 26.1 miles (by walking after 20 miles), although all I got is the feeling that I need to revenge this. I need to fight back against this resentment. I need to repeat this, and next time I must do it better. That was all I was thinking when I was hardly walking after 20 miles (I could not even walk....).

I decide to run a full marathon again in coming July in San Francisco. Next time, I will really finish my first marathon.

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