Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There is a morning when you realize you are transformed.  Last Saturday morning, I realized that I am transformed.  First I came back on a strict vegan diet again.  I start running seriously.  Finally, I resume this blog.  These are good changes happen to me.  I am glad that I am back on the right track.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kindle vs iPad

I bought an Amazon Kindle last week.  So far I like this device very much.  I use both apple iPad and Kindle to read books, however, the biggest difference between these two devices is its weight.  iPad is, at least for me, too heavy to keep holding during long read.  On the other hand, kindle is light enough to hold for long time.  Indeed, I like Kindle's electric ink.  It is much easier to read than iPad display, especially in the outside.

Back to blogging again

Here I come back to this blog.  There were so many things happen in my life in last two years.  Some of them were good and others were not.  No matter what, life goes on.  Life is always tough for me, but I will keep up with it.  I decided to resume this blog again.