Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vegan -day 20-

I have been a vegan for 3 weeks now. I can call myself a 100% vegan.

There was an another big change in my body at around 2 weeks after starting vegan diet. Around that time, I started to eat a lot of raw vegetables and that surprised my intestine. My stool frequency was dramatically increased during that week, and I had to evacuate the bowels more than 5 times a day. I was impressed that even though I did not loose any weight. I think that was a part of detox process of my body. Nowadays my intestine gets used to digest huge amount of raw vegetables and I do not have to go to a restroom so frequently (This is more convenient).

After I started to eat huge amount of raw vegetables, I think my skin has changed. I don't know why but it gets much smoother and more sensitive. First thing I did after starting the vegetable diet is to cut off all inner tags of T-shirts. The tags suddenly started irritating me due to my skin condition change (I used not to mind them at all).


Anonymous said...

Vegan? ha! I call yourself 100% #$%&/(!

plants and vegetals feel pain and pleasure the same way animals do, it's proved. [search gooogle (scientific itens only please)]
But we can't see this, because they vegetals don't scream in agony when you eat them ALIVE, it can only me measured by instruments.

you like orange juice? youre just drinking the orange's blood.

You can always try to eat minerals, but then you will only desrupt the universe balance.

Theres no escape.
We are Living Beings, we need to kill other creatures to feed ourselves, since the dawn of time, animals and vegetals. It's called "Life".

Dont' ilude youself.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous idiot ...

please explain "scientifically" how plants "feel" when they do not have a nervous system, do not have a brain and do not have consciousness.

Of course, you are not an "anonymous idiot" ... you are an idiotic parrot, parroting what you have heard someone else say to justify your own indulgence.

Heard it all before ... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ......!

Anonymous said...

Re: "To the anonymous idiot..."

Well said.