Tuesday, November 6, 2007

iPhone vs gPhone

My cell phone is getting too old and I am about to buy an iPhone. Since google is preparing its mobile phone, called gPhone, I am wondering if I should wait until the gPhone comes or buy the iPhone right now. However, The New York Times said that the gPhone will be quite different from what I thought it would be.

From New York Times:

But for now at least, Google will not put its brand on a phone. The software running on the phones may not even display the Google logo. Instead, Google is giving the software away to others who will build the phones. The company invested heavily in the project to ensure that all of its services are available on mobile phones. Its ultimate goal is to cash in on the effort by selling advertisements to mobile phone users, just as it does on Internet-connected computers.
Google will provide mobile web platform but not homemade phones. I think this google's idea is very innovative. Although people say that google is as evil as Microsoft, I like them very much (But I cannot wait until the gPhone comes so I will buy the iPhone soon).

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