Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What to write in your blog. V. Keep motivated.

How to keep the motivation in writing a blog. This is the question I am thinking right now.

When you start writing a blog, you are exploring a new world. It is very exciting and you will experience new interesting things that make you easily satisfied. However, eventually, you will find the traffic of your blog does not increase whatever you write, and people leave many offensive comments on your blog. You will be very discouraged in keep writing the blog.

I think this is the turning point. You have to find the bottom line of the entire picture. Very simple truth is that you are writing your blog for you. Keep writing a blog will cultivate your ability. Even if you do not feel the difference, you are getting better and wiser by writing your blog. It just takes time to see the improvements, as you need a lot of trainings to complete a marathon.

From now on, to train myself, I decided to keep writing at least one entry a day as far as possible.

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