Monday, October 15, 2007

Papers, the best browser ever.

I do not watch TV. A lot of people around me also do not watch TV anymore. I used to watch TV all day long when I was a kid, but this habit is getting out of date. We think information should be transmitted via reciprocal communications but not by one way broadcasting.

I do not read printed newspaper. It is easy to imagine that it will take too long to print articles on a paper and deliver it to your home. Meanwhile publishing the articles online takes only a second (Just click the button). I would say printed information is pretty old to catch up. But I still think printed New York Times is worth to read because it contains many informative articles, and the printed paper is much easier to read.

I read books. I like very old novels such as "The great Gatsby" which is available online. However, I still paying money for these old novels because it is easier to concentrate on reading with books. I wish somebody will develop a better browser which will not damage my eyes even after long time reading.

Similarly, I read many online journals. But I usually buy three kinds of printed journals, The New Yorker, Science and Wired, because I want to read them more carefully. Although I can read most of articles online, printed papers are still more suitable for critical readings for me. They are definitely worth for a few dollars, because thus far printed papers are the best browser to read. I just want to read good articles with the best browser.

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