Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Security issues on the net.

I wrote that keep changing passwords does not increase network securities. The real security issue we must face at this point is that private companies such as Facebook, Apple or Google accumulated too much of our private information.

For instance, Gmail becomes my main mail-server. However as you already know, Gmail scans all messages I send or receive and adds most suitable advertisement on the side of each message. This means that Google knows almost all of my private life, including with who I am hanging out, with whom I am conflicting, where I will go next week and so on (I also believe that Google knows my bank accounts, my credit card numbers and my social security number).

Indeed, I use google documents to compose my professional scientific papers. I believe that my unpublished data deposited there are safe but who knows? In the near future, my competitors would scope our work from the unpublished google documents. They will pay a lot of money for these kinds of information.....

The point of this story is that we have to trust private companies too much at this point. The primary purpose of the private companies is to make more profit and we are not paying to most of them (Are you paying to Google or Facebook?). Therefore, they might find out the way to sell our privacies to make more money out of it. I think we need new laws and morals to face an upcoming network era.

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