Monday, April 7, 2008

Tax cut

I cut my thumb today (just a scratch). I was enclosing tax documents into a brand new envelope, and accidentally cut the thumb by a sharp edge of the envelope. Cutting the finger by a paper was painful, but I called it "tax cut".

This year, my tax filing was very easy because the tax treatment between the U.S. and Japan is no more applied to me. I pay a lot more tax than that of last year, but the filing process itself was much easier (Last year's filing was a real nightmare). It will be complicated again in next year, because my grant kicks in this year (Boy, I do not want to think about it until next March.....).


Ivette01 said...

oi! i hate papercuts, they don't happen to me often anymore, but i used to work in some office with tons of papers, i hate them!

T.F. Sakaguchi said...

I do not like paper cut nor tax neither.