Monday, January 7, 2013

How to enhance your productivity.

How to spend your day will define your productivity in a long run.  You should acquire good habits not to waste your precious time.  Here I will share some software I found, which are helpful for time and productivity managements.

1.  Take time log:
  At work, first thing I usually do is to turn on MacTimeLog.  This software helps you to log how much time do you spend on what project.

2.  Take life log:
 Having good habits is the key to spend your time efficiently.  Our brains naturally avoid effort, and the most efficient way to convince them to unfavorable tasks is make it an habit.  To manage my habits, I usually take life log, describing how I spend time on a day.  For the purpose, I am using evernote, which enable you to share notes between multiple computers and iPhone.

3.  Make a task list:
 Making the list of tasks to be completed is important.  I use producteev for task management, because this software allows me to share the list of tasks on multiple computers and iPhones.

4.  Review them:
  Finally, it is also important to review your progress.  I review my life log weekly and everything else monthly.  It is also helpful to visualize your achievement by making graphs, so that you can see the area you did good and you need more work instantly.

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