Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vegan - 21 months -

I have been a vegan for almost 2 years. I am now very comfortable with eating vegan food every single day. Only difficulty still remains is how to manage social situation (Sometimes, I cannot hang out with others to explore new restaurants). Veganism definitely made my social life more difficult.

I visited Japan last spring, and it was also very difficult experience. You can have super few vegan option in Japan. And non-vegan Japanese cuisine is so yummy, seducing you. I felt bit miserable there because it was very hard to survive in my home country.... It was like loosing my home. You will lose many things as you live, home will be one of those.

I will definitely remain to be vegan at any expense, since my body knows it is the right decision. You cannot get everything, so you anyway have to make a choice. Veganism is the choice I made.

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