Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Chrome (update)

I am writing this post with Google Chrome. I just find that I am having a problem in adjusting image size and position with this browser. Of course, this browser is a beta version that must contain a lot of bugs. I should not complain.

Since I do not use Internet Explorer at all, I do not appreciate this browser as much as other people do. FireFox or Safari are already fast enough in my environment.

The Winning the web blog boldry predicted like this.
By 2010, Google Chrome will be the LEADING web browser, ahead of IE and Firefox.
However, I don't think so. In the bottom line, I think Google Chrome is very fast. But even after excellent FireFox had released, majority of people stuck to the Internet Explorer, because they didn't know how to shift to it. People who do not have IT literacy, will stick to the Exploerer forever.

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