Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MacBook Pro

I have been thinking but I finally decided not to buy a MacBook Air (the Air is for a second machine but not for a primary machine). Instead, I got a MacBook Pro the day before yesterday. Now I am loving Mac OS X much more than Vista. I should have changed to Mac years ago. Mac OS X is the best OS for this moment I believe.


Ivette01 said...

i'm jealous, hehe. Someday i will get me one of those :)

T.F. Sakaguchi said...

Mac is so nice now. XP was a good OS but Vista is a disaster.... Everybody will forget about Vista in a few years I think.

Anonymous said...

iwanted to comment on your being vegan.
i'm 16, and i've been vegan for year now. i was vegetarian since 6th grade.

i see you have troubles in maintaining a stable social status, and i can only suggest you to be more open about being vegan. although you may get invited to parties or to eat with a friend, it is your right to inform them of your diet, and it is with their respect that they should respect your diet. most restaurants do have vegan alternatives; all they have to do is take out some stuff.

besides, if they care, you eating only a salad is not bemusing. they should like to spend time with you and be near you for who you are, not what you eat. best of luck int he end.

T.F. Sakaguchi said...

hi, thank you for your advice. A few more people kindly send me e-mail about this issue. So I will write new entry on this matter soon.