Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vegan -day 121-

"Why did you become a vegan?"
This is the most frequently asked question after I decided to be a vegan.

I have two versions of answers for the question, shorter and longer versions. The shorter version is simple: "One morning, when I wake up, I noticed that I am a vegan." People sometime laugh when I say so, but it is exactly what happened to me. No more, no less.

Although I usually do not tell, I have the longer version of the answer. Some people believe that all creature experience the same pain and suffering as we humans do (that is why to be a vegan). But I personally do not know about it (they may or they may not). I am a scientist, so if you say "the same pain", I would wonder how can you quantify the pain? I do not want to give an unnecessary pain to any creature, but I do not mind hunting animals to eat (That is a part of nature). The true longer version of my answer is that I became a vegan because I have to survive in a foreign country as a stranger. Living in a foreign country for a long period (such as 10 years) is a really tough challenge. It is totally different from visiting the foreign country for sightseeing. Nothing happens as you expected in a foreign countries, you have to be extraordinary careful all the time. All the time.

I just noticed that I need very strong physical and mental intensity to survive here. Being a vegan and running a marathon are part of my training to obtain them.

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